Monday, March 23, 2009

Customer experience to a whole new level

While the previous post was related to customer empowerment, here is one about customer experience.

A bad experience on a flight is one that leaves a lasting negative impression. An average flight is one that passengers do not remember. I would actually consider these good. Air travel is not an element of the journey in the sense that passengers are sitting in the plane because it a means of transportation. Passengers are on a cruise ship because it is a part of the journey, while in the plane it is just something to get through before the vacation or meeting begins. A boring flight is a good flight...especially from a pilot's perspective. However, once a while there are those good or great flights. The ones that leave a lasting positive impression. Below is a link to a video of a flight attendant that manages to turn those bland, mandatory safety announcements into a participatory event that passengers may not forget for a long time.

An interesting note is that many are aware of Southwest's style, however there are some airlines that feel its relaxed atmosphere is a turn off to some business travelers. It all depends on the type of experience that airlines wish to exude. Of utmost importance is consistency. Southwest is consistent in its customer experience delivery of fun and relaxed. Naturally, a flight attendant announcement with a humorous comment is not going to turn away all business travelers, however the concept applies to website design, agent interaction, baggage delivery, etc.

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