Friday, March 13, 2009

Customer empowerment to a whole new level

Don't we all just love those companies that draw us in and ask us for our honest opinion? What about those companies that ask us to help them excel and be the best in category? They certainly make us feel empowered.

Well, it seems that Ryanair is taking it in a direction that has not been seen before. Customers have the chance of winning €1,000 if they submit the best new discretionary fee that the airline can impose on passengers! So, the airline is asking the public what they feel is another way of lowering ticket fares and making up the difference in a fee. You can read more about the scheme here.

€1,000 is certainly money that people can use...especially in these financially-strapped times. I am certain that people will submit viable suggestions that may actually be implemented. However, they must remember that if they fly Ryanair they may be victim to their own success. It is empowerment...but at the same time it may hurt my pocket book.

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