Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Southwest's virtual linkup with Volaris

Southwest and Volaris will eventually codeshare, however to pass the time Southwest has implemented an online link to Volaris's website. This is the same as that offered to customers wishing to travel to Canada using WestJet. Click here.

Now this is just a simple link to a separate booking. No bags will be transferred, the passenger has to make sure of meeting the departure time, etc. This is the same as if I had booked two separate tickets using both Southwest and Volaris. The link-up though is the first step in a closer relationship. If yield or revenue drops then it's nice to have more passengers in the system, and the Volaris/West Jet tie-ups allow Southwest to extend its reach with little investment. No/few staff are required, no additional planes are needed, international experience is not necessary, however passengers will enter into the system. However, the complexity of the business model will increase. Southwest has to make sure that it offers attractive connection possibilities to those flying with WestJet or Volaris. Southwest does though have experience with its own networking and connections as the carrier already offers onlining.

Too bad there is all the media hype surrounding swine flu.

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