Tuesday, March 04, 2008

2 pretty 2 fly?

Looks like Southwest is at it again. They are now accused of having two young women arrested who, as the victims state, were too pretty to fly with the airline. For more see here.

This post is not about the actual incident but rather how Southwest has responded. The LCC has a a page on YouTube (here) and there is a video with a spokesperson from the airline addressing the issue of reporting the two young women on their flight. This is an excellent way for an airline, or any company for that matter, to get their message across clearly and inexpensively. In addition, the page on YouTube by Southwest is created by their "blog". This is a very integrated communication strategy by the carrier. This is repeated by Delta Air Lines with their YouTube page (here). On a final note, maybe Southwest should consider installing some video cameras in their cabin to justify their actions the next time a pretty girl is a victim due to her looks.

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