Friday, November 02, 2007

IT+Communication=Brand strengthening

Company blogs are not the newest thing to hit the Internet anymore. Although, I am always pleased when I see them. It gives me the opportunity to learn more about the people in the company. And this is important, especially in the airline industry, as employees are the ONLY thing that competitors can never imitate. Employees and how they handle their customers are an airline's differentiators. Of course, this requires the necessary infrastructure, procedures, delegation, etc. A blog allows customers and other stakeholders to become more familiar with employees, learn about their functions, associate themselves with those that assist them during their travels. So, I just came across Delta Air Lines' blog, here. However, one thing that I have not seen yet, is an airline go the next step. Delta has created some animated shorts that are for pure pleasure and poke fun at the flying experience, here. These videos will help create a stronger brand awareness among passengers and make them laugh at the small annoyances that we experience during our journey; we've all had to do the lavatory dance or fight for the armrest. So, the cheap but powerful technology of YouTube is not only useful to get an immediate and powerful message across (JetBlue's CEO apologizing for their operational meltdown) but also as a marketing tool.

Edit: I just came across this video from JetBlue (here); it made me laugh

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