Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco"

My time at UC Berkeley has been great. The ATRS and WCTRS conferences were back-to-back and one couldn't ask for a better setting at the campus of UC Berkeley. Even the summer fog stayed away, and allowed the Bay Area to shine.
The conferences were all well-planned and the quality of papers/presentations was very high. Some noted research that I managed to retain among all the presentations was:
1. How pricing strategies in various strategic groups has little affect on other groups. So, LCC pricing strategies do not force FSCs to change their pricing strategies significantly. The interesting question is though, what happens when the groups begin to merge, which is the research/trend that I am seeing.
2. Strategic variation/response between airlines in the same strategic group and market is limited, which points to collusion, however when an opposing group's airline is present in a market it forces the other group member to respond drastically.
In addition, I made it to some operational presentations. Very interesting study on the transfer of training in upset recovery and a CRM study.
I will certainly try to post more about the presentations when I find the time.

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