Thursday, April 12, 2007

American Airlines targets female travelers

American Airlines is the first airline to create a dedicated position and website to female travelers. The website,, hopes to target the gamut of women who travel with American Airlines through pages titled: Women Connected Through Business, Women Connected Through Lifestyle, Women Connected Through Each Other. These pages offer advice to female travelers about specific issues related to their purpose of travel.

Women are occupying more seats in aircraft. Adventure travelers are now 52% women. British Airways stated that female business travelers have doubled in the past five years. Hotels and taxi services have been offering services directly aimed at women. American Airlines reports that almost 50 million travel with the airline annually and the airline hopes to increase its relationship with this growing segment. It is reported that if the airline can raise the number of women traveling by 2% ($100 / segment) then the airline can capture an additional $94 million in revenue.

This move by American Airlines shows the importance of the business model and how airlines can adjust their activities to address a specific segment. Although this is the first gender-oriented focus, maybe the power of the Internet will allow airlines to be more creative when focusing on specific segments.

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